Kosher For Passover Breadcrumbs

Growing up I loved chicken nuggets, in fact there was a short stint in Elementary School I would eat them for breakfast in the mornings. As I got older this thankfully stopped! However I still loved chicken nuggets, when I was 18 I changed the way I ate, I cut out starches, most grains, added sugars, dairy, and highly processed foods. I noticed the breadcrumb aisle was lacking any plant or nut based play on the delicious coating we call breadcrumbs. That is the inspiration behind Cooper's Crumbs! Passover specifically is an issue for many of us clean eaters, look at your passover aisle and its either matzo meal or potato starch used to bread chicken. Lets change that this passover and make the switch to Cooper's Crumbs, as delicious as our year round recipe, now passover wont have to be a time to sacrifice all the nutritional gains you have made this year! 




Check out some great recipes that can be used on passover:




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