Cooper's Crumbs Almond Breading

       Taste The Power of Simplicity: Almonds and Spices

About Us

Real Ingredients

A Core Principal

One of the main motivators for our product is the fact that typical breadcrumbs contain ingredients that you cannot even read! We take pride in the simple, real, and delicious ingredients that go into each bag of Cooper's Crumbs. Living in the 21st century our plethora of food choices is unprecedented. For the first time in the breadcrumb aisle YOU have the choice and are no longer forced to sacrifice your health and taste preferances. Cooper's Crumbs seeks to empower you and the first way we focus on that is by finally giving you a choice.


Just had the Cooper's Crumbs on chicken. Very tasty! Texture and flavor were delightful. I plan to order more and try the other flavors soon.

Noah, Taste Profit Food Consulting

All thanks to Cooper's Crumbs my chicken was delicious!

Rachel M.

I cooked myself a fillet of hallibut last night coated with Cooper's Crumbs. It was delicious! Best part was that it saved me from going out to eat!

Michael Z.

Almonds are at the heart of what we do