The Cooper's Crumb Difference

What is REALLY different about our breadcrumbs?

Before I eat anything, I make sure to look at the ingredients and nutrition facts. It doesn't matter whether its gluten free breadcrumbs, a low carb snack or a protein bar I pick up on my way home from work! 

Knowing whats in your food is an important step in making it to your fitness and weight loss goals!

In general it is just great to feel informed and empowered, whether thats before you buy a new vacuum or place an item from the grocery store shelf in your cart!

So with that being said, lets look at the ingredients in standard store bought breadcrumbs! 

Regular breadcrumbs are filled with preservatives, chemicals, and ingredients that I can't even begin to spell! 

Yes you read that correctly; vegetable oil, pottasium sorbate, monocalcium phosphate, and calcium propionate. This sounds more like a science experiment than what you should be eating.


See what the nutrition is on store bought breadcrumbs below:

As you can see, the average breadcrumb contains nearly 20 grams of carbohydrates, and very little in the way of vitamins and minerals!

And if you think well because I'm eating gluten free breadcrumbs, this does not apply to me, lets have a look at the numbers on gluten free breadcrumbs!

This is taken from the box of a gluten free breadcrumb I found online.

It is the same story: high in carbohydrates (16 Grams!) and very low when it comes to vitamins and minerals! 

Well you might see this and go, well I don't eat breadcrumbs for that reason! Thats where we come in, our product allows you to no longer avoid breadcrumbs, and in fact not feel guilty for using breadcrumbs to take your meals to the next level!

So let's answer our main question, which I wrote at the top of this page!

What is REALLY different about our breadcrumbs?

So the difference lies in our ingredients, what is at the heart of any food product is what its made OF not necessarily who its made by or how it is made!

Almonds are at the heart of our product, they produce that perfect crunch while also giving your body the omega 3s and protein it needs to keep accomplishing your goals and feeling your best! 

We are a different breadcrumb because our inputs are all natural, good for you, and good for your cooking. Take a look below and see the difference.


With only 3 Grams of Carbohydrates per serving, (YES you read that correctly, 3 grams of carbs per serving,) a substantial amount of healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals to keep your body at peak performance, the difference is clear. 

To make the switch, shop our full catalog and try out any of our delicious AND nutritious blends! 

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Nutrition facts regular breadcrumbs:

Gluten Free Breadcrumbs:


Please reach out if you have any questions! Stay well!