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Gluten Free Living

Gluten Free?!


Stay Healthy By Keeping Your Kitchen Gluten Free


Most kitchens may not have ingredients like millet, quinoa, teff flour, xanthum gum, tapioca starch and Cooper’s crumb. You may feel astonished that why are these items there on the shelves of those who keep them? Is that they want to lead a smart life that is gluten free or they are suffering from a condition called Coeliac that has forced them to have these gluten free items in their kitchen?

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein that is found in rye, wheat and barley. It is because of this that the flour gets its elasticity and the breads can rise and get hold together. However, if you think that it is found only in the baked items then life would have been easier. It is not and hence gluten free diet is not an easy job!

Gluten is mixed in different food items in different way and thus when you follow a Gluten free diet you have to careful while consuming any processed food. Different ingredients like malt flavoring, starch, bread crumbs, rusk, natural flavoring have gluten in it. To shop for gluten free food is actually a nightmare as you cannot be aware of how is it hidden in different ingredients.

So what is safe?

You must be thinking that what is safe to eat then? Naturally fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat along with those strange items mentioned earlier is quite safe to eat. Eating wheat is not good enough, but it is best to try out different alternatives. Even coating food items with breadcrumbs makes them tastier, but they are often full of preservatives, carbohydrates and unhealthy oils. Thus instead coat meat, chicken, tofu, fish  or virtually  anything else with Cooper’s crumbs so that you get gluten free crumbs that are both tasty and healthy.

Should one continue gluten free diet always?

If you want to stay healthy it is obvious that you must follow gluten free diet as much as possible. Coeliac is a health condition where you need to avoid Gluten, but apart from that if you eat Gluten free diet you will be able to lead a much happier life always. In order to stay healthy it is necessary that you eat such things that will keep you healthy and sturdy. Gluten does not provides any such nutrition then what is the use of including it in the meal? Rather choose those alternatives that will keep you healthy always.